VLC adds Retina support, Android beta

Too cool for Windows media player? Don't want to mess with codec packs for all those, ahem, Linux ISOs you've been downloading from BitTorrent? Good news: an update to the popular VLC media player has been released. This 2.0.2 revision is labeled as a major update, and it's supposed to improve video playback on older PCs running Windows XP. Video issues have also been resolved on older Macs, including PowerPC models and iMacs saddled with Intel's GMA950 integrated graphics processor.

Speaking of Macs, VLC's OS X interface has been reworked to more closely resemble the app's classic UI. Support for high-PPI Retina displays has been added, as well. Start downloading those 4K videos now; they're going to take a while.

VLC is no longer available on the iOS App Store, but it has popped up on Google Play. The Android app is labeled as a beta that "might kill your kitten, destroy your house and start the mayan apocalypse." Still, it has a 4.3-star rating based on 350 user reviews, so it's probably not too toxic. The official VLC for Android page has details on the beta build, which appears to target phones rather than tablets.

Not too long ago, VLC passed one billion downloads. The latest 2.x releases, which have been around since February, have been snagged nearly 90 million times. Macs have been responsible for about 10% of that total, but there's no data on iOS downloads. (VLC offers source code for iOS devices, even though the app isn't available through Apple's store). I'll be curious to see how many folks have downloaded the iOS and Android versions a year from now.

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