Tuesday Shortbread

The Pick 6

  1. VR-Zone reports ultrabook sales picking up: 11% of the market already?
  2. X-bit labs: Samsung samples industry's first DDR4 memory modules for servers
  3. AppleInsider: Apple injunction against Galaxy S III would give Samsung 'big problems'
  4. VR-Zone: Apple iPad mini to launch this October
  5. The Mozilla Blog: Mozilla gains global support for a Firefox Mobile OS
  6. GamesIndustry International: EA is "going to be
    a 100% digital company, period
    " says Gibeau


  1. VR-Zone: Roy Taylor, ex-VP in Nvidia and MasterImage 3D joins Rightware
  2. VentureBeat: Google praises Twitter for efforts to crackdown on Internet censorship
  3. BCCHardware podcast
  4. Newegg's 4th of July 48-hour specials
  5. Dealzon's deals: $50 coupon for 18.4" Alienware M18x r2 i7-3610QM / GeForce
    GTX 675M, $100 coupon for 14" hp dv4t i5-3210M / GeForce GT 630M, $303
    for 17.3" Dell XPS 17 i7-2670QM / GeForce GT 550M, and $49 off
    11.6" Apple MacBook Air i5-3317U / 64GB SSD

  1. VLC on Android
  2. 9to5Mac: Finnish 90-day old iPhone combusts into smoke cloud on CCTV
  3. TechRevieSource on Google Nexus 7
  4. Tbreak: RIM & Windows Phone?
  5. Tbreak reviews Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One V
  6. Hardware Heaven reviews HTC One S
Software and gaming

  1. Techgage: Creating a bootable DOS flash drive the easy way
  2. VR-Zone reports CoD: Black Ops II to get reimagined Nuketown map
  3. Battlelog: Battlefield 3 players, get double XP for a full week
Systems and storage

  1. SPCR reviews AVADirect quiet gaming PC
  2. The SSD Review on 13" MacBook Air Ivy Bridge (mid-2012)
  3. TechReviewSource on Sony Vaio E15
  4. VR-Zone pits Ivy Bridge i7 vs Bulldozer FX @ 4.6GHz
  5. SPCR on SpeedFan: A guide to universal motherboard fan control
  6. Hardware.Info tests 32 Intel Z77 motherboards with Ivy Bridge processors
  7. Guru3D's Asus Maximus V Formula review
  8. PureOC reviews MSI Z77-GD55
  9. Hardware.Info reviews 4TB LaCie 2big Thunderbolt
  10. TweakTown's 256GB OCZ Vertex 4 SSD firmware testing
  11. TechSpot reviews 256GB OCZ Vertex 4 SSD
  12. Techgage reviews 240GB OCZ Vertex 4 SSD
  13. Computing on Demand reviews 128GB Crucial M4 SSD
  14. ThinkComputers reviews 128GB AData Premier Pro SP900 SSD
  15. BCCHardware reviews 64GB Crucial Adrenaline SSD cache drive

  1. techPowerUp! reviews Zotac GeForce GT 640 2GB
  2. ocaholic tests HD 7970 CrossFire gaming performance with AMD Catalyst 12.7 beta
  3. KitGuru's VTX3D HD7870 EyeFinity 6 review
  4. TweakTown tests HIS HD 7850 IceQ X TurboX 2GB in CrossFire
  5. Madshrimps review SteelSeries 7H Fnatic Edition headset
  6. ThinkComputers reviews CM Storm Sonuz headset
Cases and cooling

  1. Björn3D reviews BitFenix Shinobi XL window case
  2. Modders-Inc reviews Rosewill Thor V2-W case
  3. TechReaction reviews Thermaltake Armor Revo Snow Edition case
  4. TweakTown reviews MSI IN-602 Stealth case
  5. OCC reviews Corsair Vengeance C70 case
  6. Benchmark Reviews on SilverStone Grandia SST-GD07B HTPC case
  7. CowcotLand reviews Sharkoon T28 Green Edition case (in French)
  8. TweakTown reviews Spire TherMax Eclipse III "TME III" CPU cooler
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