GeForce 304.79 beta drivers add TXAA, fix bugs

Howdy, GeForce users! Hope you've got time for another driver installation.

It's only taken two weeks, but Nvidia has already posted some new beta drivers to supersede last month's 304.48 release. The new 304.79 beta release is no mere maintenance update, either; it fixes a number of bugs, adds new SLI profiles, and introduces a whole new antialiasing mode for owners of GeForce GTX 600-series cards.

That AA mode is called TXAA, and you might remember our coverage of it from our GeForce GTX 680 feature overview in April. In a nutshell, TXAA combines hardware multisampling with a custom resolve filter and a temporal filter. The temporal filter is a particularly interesting addition, because it's supposed to reduce crawling and flickering during movement, and it should help increase perceived antialiasing quality, as well. Nvidia claims 2X TXAA induces the same performance hit as 2X MSAA while achieving image quality "on par" with 8X MSAA. Similarly, 4X TSAA is supposed to perform equivalently to 4X MSAA with better image quality than 8X MSAA.

Nvidia mentions just one game with TXAA support: The Secret World. The title seems to be available only as part of a closed beta right now, though, and Nvidia says TXAA support "will be enabled in an upcoming patch."

In addition to TXAA, the GeForce 304.79 beta drivers add or update SLI profiles for End of Nations, Nexuiz, The Secret World, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Tornado Force, and Tribes: Ascend. They also include the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Civilization V and GeForce 400/500 series GPUs
  • Fixed instances of flickering or missing mouse cursor when hardware cursor is enabled (reported with Aion, World of Warcraft, Eve Online and others).
  • Fixed instances of very low frame rates in Deus Ex: Human Revolution (DX11).
  • Fixed an issue that caused a PC reboot instead of a PC shut down.
  • Fixed an issue that led to a black screen after driver installation.
  • Power management mode settings now persist across driver overinstalls.

You can grab the 304.79 beta release right here on

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