Penny Arcade sells out... on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has been used to fund everything from DIY 3D printers to a new Carmageddon game. Now, the guys at webcomic Penny Arcade are selling out; they're looking at crowd-sourcing as a way to remove advertising from their website. Penny Arcade used to run on donations alone, and with enough contributions, the site could once again be ad-free. Founders Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins explain in the following pitch video.

Warning: there's some adult language, so maybe turn down your speakers if you're at work.

The official Kickstarter project has a stated goal of $250,000, which would remove the main "leaderboard" ad from the front page of Penny Arcade. $525,000 gets all the ads removed from the front page, and a cool million bucks purges the site completely.

Penny Arcade employs 14 people, so the stated goals would only fund the site for one year. If the project is successful, there will be another funding drive for the following year, and so on. There are rewards for those who contribute, of course, including t-shirts, PAX passes, custom paintings, and digital versions of Penny Arcade's comic books. Pay enough, and the guys will even be your friend—on Twitter, anyway.

In just a few hours, the project has amassed over $25,000 from 229 backers. Given PA's popularity, I suspect the site won't have any problems reaching its baseline goal. I wouldn't be surprised to see the ticker rise well above $1 million, and I hope it does. Penny Arcade may cheekily call this venture selling out, but it seems like the exact opposite.

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