Rockstar makes multiplayer cheaters face each other

Despite attempts to prevent it, cheating is still a problem in multiplayer games. Rockstar has an interesting solution. Instead of booting cheaters off servers or banning their accounts entirely, the developer is going to make them play with each other. Max Payne 3 now has a "cheater pool" that quarantines flagged cheaters, separating them from the rest of the online community. Cheaters are free to keep playing the game, but only against their own kind.

The official FAQ suggests players won't be banished to the cheater pool for eternity. However, if they're reintroduced to the general population and are caught again, the banhammer will show no mercy. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently.

Although I've always liked the idea of banning cheaters from online play, it's an extreme measure with steep consequences for false positives. Cordoning off cheaters in their own little corner makes more sense for a first offense. It would be even better if those players were shamed publicly for their misdeeds. Rockstar's Social Club has to be good for something.

I've never understood what makes some folks cheat at video games, so it's hard to say whether the pool will rehabilitate offenders. Maybe it doesn't need to. As long as cheaters don't ruin the game for the rest of us, there's probably no harm in letting them ruin it for each other.

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