Release roundup: Patriot and Gelid

Our overflow bucket wasn't too full this week. Only a couple of hardware announcements in our inbox hadn't already made it into our daily news coverage. Here they are:

  • Patriot Memory launches Intel Extreme Masters Limited Edition memory. Patriot's latest memory modules are, it seems, geared toward Ivy Bridge-toting overclockers. They feature Intel XMP 1.3 profiles, and Patriot rates them for operation at speeds of up to 2133MHz with a signal voltage of 1.5V. The sticks are also outfitted with same "high performance heat shield" as Patriot's Viper III memory. You'll find these puppies in dual- and quad-channel kits with capacities of 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB.

  • Gelid announces launch of Slim Silence A-Plus. Where the new Patriot RAM targets high-end Intel builds, Gelid's new cooler is tailored for less imposing systems with AMD processors. Thanks to its 28-mm height, the Slim Silence A-Plus can squeeze into small-form-factor PCs—and even 1U servers, Gelid claims. A pair of 8-mm "power heatpipes" facilitate heat transfer between the CPU and the aluminum fins, while a case-less 65-mm PWM fan purportedly keeps the apparatus both cool and quiet. Gelid says the cooler supports AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, and FM1 processors with power envelopes as high as 95W, provided there is "good case ventilation." The $24.99 asking price is pretty reasonable, considering Gelid covers the thing with a five-year warranty.

Yeah, not much else to say here—except, perhaps, that it's nice to see cooler makers cater to the small-form-factor crowd once in a while. Monster heatsinks with a zillion heatpipes and quadruple 140-mm fan mounts are all well and good, but they rarely fit inside Mini-ITX cases.

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