EA: Battlefield 4 beta will kick off in the fall of 2013

I guess someone at EA jumped the gun before the weekend, but that Battlefield 4 beta promotion was no mistake. EA officially confirmed it in an announcement this morning, saying folks who pre-order Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition before October 23 will, indeed, be allowed to participate in the Battlefield 4 beta.

Battlefield fans will have to bide their time, though. EA says the "exclusive" Battlefield 4 beta won't be available until "Fall 2013." The company hasn't released any details about the game, either, beside the rough time frame for the public beta kickoff and the fact that it exists. The announcement says more details will be made public "at a later date." The Origin store page for Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition says that "later date" will be some time in November.

Meanwhile, Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition is still listed for $69.99 on Origin. EA's announcement offers some details, saying that title is based on the same Frostbite 2 engine as Battlefield 3, is being developed by Danger Close Games, and is scheduled for release on October 23. A video trailer showing off the game's multiplayer has appeared on YouTube, as well:

(Reminder for the easily excited: this is a clip of the new Medal of Honor title, not Battlefield 4.)

I guess it doesn't look half bad. Still, $69.99 is a lot to ask for yet another shooter and the distant promise of access to the BF4 beta. I think I'll take my chances and wait for a truly public beta next year.

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