Metro: Last Light E3 gameplay video now online

During the E3 expo last month, 4A Games showed off Metro: Last Light, the sequel to Metro 2033. An official trailer was released to the public, but it cuts between short snippets that barely give a glimpse of the game. The 13-minute gameplay video created for the show is a lot more revealing, and the footage is now available online. We've embedded the clip below. There is some adult language, but mercifully, no dubstep.

Note to developers: if you're going to post gameplay footage online, it's probably a good idea to lay off the video compression. Even when the video is viewed at its maximum 720p resolution, Last Light's graphics don't look all that impressive. Metro 2033 is a great-looking game, though, so I'd expect Last Light to look better in person.

The video purportedly comes from a "pre-alpha" version of the game, just like last year's 13-minute E3 demo. One would expect more progress from a title due out early next year. Then again, Metro: Last Light was supposed to arrive in mid-2012. The game was delayed earlier this year because of a "need for more polish."

I played a little bit of Metro 2033 but never really got into the game. All the wandering around in tunnels turned me off. Last Light appears to feature more open environments, so I may have to give the series another shot. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.

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