Apple hires Trinity platform architect John Bruno

One of the brains behind AMD's Trinity APU has a new job—and no, he wasn't promoted within the chipmaker. According to SemiAccurate, Bruno was actually fired last November as part of AMD's most recent workforce decimation. Since then, Bruno has taken up a new position... at Apple.

SemiAccurate says Bruno now holds the title of System Architect at the Mac maker. The folks at SlashGear tracked down his LinkedIn profile, which you can find here, and the information checks out. It looks like Bruno was an ASIC Design Manager at ATI before joining AMD as Senior ASIC Design Manager. His last title at AMD was, "System Architect, Office Of The Chief Engineer." Bruno also has a degree in engineering from the University of Toronto. SemiAccurate calls Bruno "the guy who brought you Trinity," but his profile suggests he worked on the platform spec for the APU, rather than architecting the chip itself.

This isn't the first time an AMD executive has defected to Apple. Three years ago, we learned that Bob Drebin and Raja Koduri both joined Apple after holding the exact same job at AMD: Chief Technology Officer of the graphics product group. Koduri actually replaced Drebin as AMD's graphics CTO when Drebin left in early 2008. Koduri then went on to follow in Drebin's footsteps.

Apple, of course, has been hiring folks to work on its own A-series chips. Apple snatched up PA Semiconductor in 2008 and, two years later, introduced its A4 chip, which powered the iPad, iPhone 4, fourth-gen iPod Touch, and second-gen Apple TV. Since then, Apple has released the A5, which can be found inside the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, and the A5X, which powers the latest iPad. The chips are all designed in-house using third-party IP (namely ARM CPU cores and PowerVR graphics).

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