BF3: Armored Kill trailer showcases vehicle combat

Lest you think next year's BF4 beta is the only new content in store for Battlefield players, BF3 is due to receive a number of DLC updates. The next one is called Armored Kill, and it's scheduled for release in September. EA has unveiled a new trailer showing gameplay footage from the expansion. Check it out:

The trailer promises all-out vehicle warfare, and there's certainly plenty of it on display. Armored Kill will include new tanks, ATVs, and mobile artillery in addition to a flying gunship. There are four new maps, one of which is billed as the largest ever for the franchise. A tank-centric gameplay mode has been added, as well.

Armored Kill is but one of three DLC updates still to be released for Battlefield 3. According to an official Battlelog post, the Aftermath update is coming in December, followed by the End Game DLC in March. That should give Battlefield addicts plenty of new content before the BF4 beta kicks off next fall.

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