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  1. Barack Obama: Taking the cyberattack threat seriously
  2. VR-Zone: PC gaming fastest growing platform
  3. VR-Zone: ECS first motherboard vendor to support AMP and Intel
    Redwood Ridge Thunderbolt controller arrives towards mid-2013
  4. Phoronix on the best features of the Linux 3.5 kernel
  5. iDownloadBlog: First screenshots of Firefox OS arrive
  6. CyanogenMod 9 RC2
  7. DX11 demo


  1. AllThingsD: Mayer to get close to $60 million (and maybe
    more) in overall compensation for Yahoo's top job
  2. Fudzilla: EVGA shows off its Z77 mini-ITX motherboard
  3. VR-Zone: LG intros new PC monitors with IPS panel, MHL
    connectivity and Zalman set to launch CNPS14X by late-July
    and EKWB readies full-coverage water-block for MSI R7970
  4. NCIX and Newegg have weekend deals

  1. BBC News: Qualcomm's smartphone chip shortage continues
  2. ZTE: People don't want expensive smartphones
  3. VR-Zone: Galaxy Note II official announcement on August 15?
  4. Hardware Heaven reviews Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
  5. HotHardware's Samsung Focus 2 Windows Phone review
Software and gaming

  1. System requirements for Office 2013 Preview
  2. VLC 2.0.3
  3. First pre-order character Mechromancer in
    full production as BL2 heads to certification
Systems, storage, and networking

  1. PCPer games like it's 1999: Building a legacy Windows gaming PC
  2. Tbreak's hp Envy Sleekbook 6 review
  3. HardwareLook reviews Samsung Series 5 ultrabook
  4. CowcotLand's MSI GT70 GTX 680M laptop review (in French)
  5. Guru3D's Asus Maximus V Extreme review
  6. ocaholic reviews Asus P8Z77-V Premium
  7. techPowerUp! reviews ASRock Z77 Extreme9
  8. ProClockers reviews NZXT Aperture M multi-media hub
  9. HardwareLook's 240GB Kingston HyperX 3K SSD review
  10. Legit Reviews on TP-Link TL-WDR4300 N750 dual-band wireless router
Multimedia, power, cases & cooling

  1. reviews Sapphire HD 7870 GHz Edition FLeX
  2. Benchmark Reviews on WD TV Live
  3. ThinkComputers reviews Corsair Vengeance 2000 wireless headset
  4. reviews SteelSeries Sensei RAW mouse
  5. TweakTown reviews 1000W SilverStone Strider Gold Evolution PSU
  6. VR-Zone's 750W NZXT Hale82 PSU review
  7. CowcotLand (in French) and Hardware Secrets
    review Fractal Design Define R4 case
  8. Hi Tech Legion reviews Azza Genesis 9000 case
  9. KitGuru's Arctic Accelero Hybrid review (with Nvidia GTX 680)
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