Google runs out of 16GB Nexus tablets

Google appears to have misjudged the demand for its new Nexus 7 tablet. The 16GB version is no longer being sold through the company's online store and is instead listed as "coming soon." Meanwhile, the 8GB model is in stock and can be ordered for $199. What gives?

"Sources close to Google" have told The Guardian that the demand for the 16GB variant far exceeded Google's expectations. Sales of that model have reportedly been suspended until Asus, which manufactures the Nexus 7, can catch up. Google thought the 8GB model would be the more popular of the two, an estimation that doesn't seem unreasonable given the $50 premium attached to the 16GB flavor.

Consumers are apparently willing to shell out for the extra gigabytes, perhaps because the Nexus 7 lacks easily expandable storage. There's no memory card slot, and the lone Micro USB port doesn't work with storage devices by default. That said, one XDA Developers forum member was able to attach the Nexus 7 to a USB hub and, with the help of the free StickMount app, run a USB keyboard, mouse, flash drive, and even a floppy drive at the same time. StickMount requires root access, which involves minimal hax0ring, according to this Liliputing guide. We may have to give it a shot with the Nexus 7 we've been testing. Look for a full review of Google's 7-incher soon.

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