AMD loses two high-profile executives

Well, this can't be good. Yesterday evening, the Wall Street Journal broke the news that AMD's VP of Strategic Development, Bob Feldstein, has defected to Nvidia. Feldstein was purportedly "instrumental in . . . cultivating AMD's relationship with game console makers."

When reached by the Journal, Feldstein confirmed that he left AMD on "amicable terms" on July 13 and started work at Nvidia on July 16. His LinkedIn profile still hasn't been updated, however. It lists him as an 18-year ATI and AMD veteran, who started out as VP of Engineering at ATI in 1994 before joining AMD as part of the 2006 AMD-ATI merger. The Journal says Feldstein led AMD's Boston Design Center, as well. His new title at Nvidia is VP of Technology Licensing.

The paper goes on to note that, according to "people familiar with the matter," Feldstein helped secure a place for AMD hardware in the next PlayStation console. That system will reportedly feature not just AMD graphics, but also an AMD processor, as well—though the Journal says Sony's plans "could change."

Meanwhile, SemiAccurate's Charlie Demerjian reports on another AMD executive departure: that of Ben Williams, who was AMD's Corporate VP and General Manager of the Asia Pacific business. Demerjian says Williams also held the title of AMD Corporate Fellow. Williams' LinkedIn profile lists his new position as VP of North America Sales for Calxeda, an Austin start-up that's designing ARM-based processors for servers.

Williams, according to SemiAccurate, was "one of the original Opteron guys" who joined AMD from Cyrix.

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