Apple quietly pulls Safari for Windows from main site

The browser wars has just claimed another casualty—on Windows, at least, where it seems Apple has capitulated.

As AppleInsider reports, the Mac maker's Safari product page no longer includes a download link for the Windows version. It only touts the merits of Safari 6.0, the new version of the browser released alongside OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion yesterday. Searching for "Safari" in the top-right search box still brings up a "Safari for Mac + PC" listing, but clicking that simply pulls up the main Safari page again, with no Windows link in sight.

AppleInsider was able to track down Safari 5.1.7 for Windows on Apple's support knowledge base, but that's hardly prominent placement—or evidence that Apple is pushing ahead with cross-platform development. Apple has been offering Windows versions of the browser since June 2007, when Safari 3 rolled out simultaneously for Mac OS X 10.5, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. (Windows users were only treated to a beta version, though.)

I suppose a quiet death for Safari on Windows wouldn't be too shocking. According to Net Applications, Windows and Mac flavors of Safari hold a combined 4.73% of the browser market, and I expect Mac users account for the bulk of that figure. The same statistics show Chrome with a 19.08% share, Firefox with 20.06%, and Internet Explorer with 54.02%.

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