Razer unveils adjustable mouse with 8200 DPI sensor

Well, Razer definitely isn't messing around. The company's new Ouroboros wireless mouse carries a $129.99 price tag, features an 8200-DPI sensor, and is both ambidextrous and fully adjustable to fit the user's grip. It looks pretty impressive, too, like some sort of cross between a gaming mouse and a stealth fighter jet:

Razer says the Ouroboros has three adjustments. The palm rest can be moved by up to 0.9" to suit different hand sizes, the back tilt angle can be adjusted to improve support, and there are two included side panels that allow the mouse to accommodate "claw, palm or hybrid grip styles." In those respects, the device shares common traits with Cyborg's Rat 7—except the Razer device winds up looking less like an Autobot by tucking its knobs and adjustments away. The Ouroboros is ambidextrous, too, while the Rat 7 is for righties only.

Oh, and the Ouroboros is wireless. It draws power from a single AA battery and features a wireless connection with a purported latency of just 1 ms. Razer promises at least 12 hours of continuous "drag-free, lag-less play."

Other amenities include a "built-in dpi clutch trigger button" (which users can push to reduce tracking sensitivity temporarily), a pair of back and forward buttons on both sides of the mouse, and a charging cradle. You'll be able to find the Ouroboros in stores starting next quarter. You can browse the gallery below for more images.

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