Google outlines gigabit fiber offer in Kansas City

Earlier today, the world—much of it, at least—turned green with envy at Kansas City residents. Google announced details of its gigabit fiber rollout for the US city, and the residential plans on offer sound... well, almost too good to be true.

For $120 a month before tax, residents of Kansas City will enjoy a full 1Gbps down and up, no data caps, a full TV channel lineup, a 1TB Google Drive subscription. The service will also include a Wi-Fi router, a free Nexus 7 tablet, a TV box, and a 2TB storage box. According to Google, you'll be able to record up to eight programs simultaneously—"just because you can." And here's the kicker: no installation fee, provided you sign up for a two-year contract.

For $70 a month, Google will provide an Internet-only service with the same 1Gbps top speed (again, for both upstream and downstream), Wi-Fi router, and 1TB Google Drive subscription. As with the pricier offer, Google with waive installation fees with two-year contracts, and there will be no data caps.

There's more. In addition to the $120 and $70 services, Google will offer a free fiber service with 5Mbps down and 1Mbps up—still without data caps, and still with an included Wi-Fi router. You'll have to front the $300 installation fee, but Google will let you pay it in 12 instalments of $25. The company says free service is "guaranteed for at least 7 years."

So, if you're one of those lucky Kansas City residents, how do you get Google Fiber? Google provides instructions here. The company says it wants to offer the service "where people are most excited about it," so it's split up Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri into different neighborhoods. Google plans to tally up the number of pre-registrations in each neighborhood to decide which one gets the service first. Pre-registration costs $10 and is open until September 9. Google will announce the results the following day.

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