BF3: Aftermath to offer urban combat on four new maps

Battlefield 3's Armored Kill DLC isn't due out until September, but already, EA has released details on the Aftermath expansion that's to follow. The official Aftermath site is up, and it teases a few tidbits about the action, which will go down "amongst the shattered districts, streets and surrounding villages of a post-earthquake Tehran." EA promises urban combat spread across four new maps strewn with dust, rubble, and damaged terrain.

In addition to the new maps, Aftermath will boast fresh vehicles, including civilian rides dressed up for combat. Surely, the DLC will feature at least one Toyota Hilux pickup truck with a big gun mounted in the bed. The expansion may not include any new handheld weapons, though. The EA site doesn't mention any, but it does mention a new game mode in addition to more assignments, achievements, and dog tags. There's also a piece of concept art:


Aftermath will cost $15 when it's released in December. If you're planning on picking up all five of BF3's expansion packs, you might want to consider signing up for Battlefield 3 Premium, which includes the lot for $50. The Premium package also gives users early access to each expansion pack, along with a handful of other perks detailed here. I'd probably splurge on the Premium package if I had more time to play BF3. The perks I could do without, but given how much I enjoy the multiplayer, I wouldn't mind shelling out for a stack of new maps.

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