Microsoft intros touch-friendly Win8 mice

Need another hint that desktop users weren't a priority for Windows 8? Check out the Wedge Touch mouse Microsoft designed to accompany the OS. This may be the least ergonomic input device I've ever seen.

The 23-degree angle of the mouse's touch area is supposed to be "the ideal slope for both comfort and fluid touch scrolling." Overall, though, the shape looks considerably less than comfortable. The mouse is quite small, and it seems you're supposed to pinch it rather than cup the thing in your palm. Hopefully, resting one's fingers on the touch area doesn't generate unwanted input.

The Wedge Mouse supports four-way touch scrolling and connects via Bluetooth. It's supposed to follow paired devices into sleep mode, which sounds like a nice feature. I wish there was broader gesture support, though. The larger Microsoft Touch mouse is getting a driver update with a bunch of Win8 gestures, including three-finger zooming, two-finger application switching, and one-finger Metro navigation. Presumably, you can choose the single digit that best expresses how you feel about Metro.

The full-sized Touch mouse sells for $80, while the mini Wedge is set to cost $70. There's also a new Sculpt Touch mouse that supports a smaller suite of Win8 gestures and costs $50. The offers Bluetooth connectivity and looks like it has comfy curves.

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