Samsung prepping 11.8'' tablet with 2560x1600 panel

The unending legal war between Samsung and Apple does have some upsides. We've gotten glimpses of iPad and iPhone prototypes that would have otherwise stayed under lock and key in Apple's labs, and now, court documents have revealed details about an upcoming Samsung tablet with a high-density display.

According to The Verge, that tablet is code-named P10, and it will lay out a whopping 2560x1600 pixels across an 11.8" display. That would work out to a pixel density of 256 PPI, just under the 264 DPI of the new iPad. (Of course, the iPad has a smaller, 9.7" panel with "only" 2048x1536 resolution.) 256 PPI would be denser than the 224 PPI of Asus' Transformer Pad Infinity, however, since that tablet has a 10.1" panel with a 1920x1200 resolution.

The Verge says the upcoming Samsung device will also feature LTE connectivity, and I'm guessing it will run Android, as well. Windows 8 will also support high-PPI tablets, but it's not coming out until October. Meanwhile, The Verge surmises that Samsung could introduce the P10 as early as next month. Samsung has teased a "major announcement and unveiling of the newest Galaxy device" at an event in New York City on August 15.

I don't know if I'm in love with the idea of a jumbo-sized tablet. 10" devices seem to be about the right size—not too big or unwieldy, but not too small or cramped. That said, 2560x1600 across an 11.8" panel should be a sight to behold, and I'm looking forward to gawking at it.

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