Updated: Twitter account promises return of Rise of the Triad

Remember Rise of the Triad? Ok, most of you probably don't. The first-person shooter came out way back in 1995 and used a modified version of the Wolfenstein 3D engine. ROTT, as we called it, introduced a number of novel twists to the then-burgeoning shooter genre, including jump pads, dual-wielding weapons, and psychedelic mushrooms. The game was a lot of fun, and it may be making a comeback.

Back in 2009, 3D Realms' Scott Miller told Gamasutra that a Rise of the Triad reboot was in the works at Apogee Software. A couple hours ago, Reddit user uhwut111 spotted a RiseOfTheTriad Twitter account that seems to be associated with the game. The accounts byline claims "The world's most ludicrous shooter has returned!" No further details are provided other than a location, San Nicolas Island, which is the setting of the original game.

The Verge points out that id's Quakecon convention opens today. That would certainly be a good venue to announce ROTT's return. Also, the Twitter account initially pointed to RiseOfTheTriad.net, which is empty right now but owned by Apogee. Perhaps the site will go live to coincide with an announcement at Quakecon.

I've played a couple of retro throwbacks to the early days of first-person shooters, and the results have been mixed. Duke Nukem Forever was pretty awful, but Serious Sam: BFE did a great job of capturing the frantic pace of old-school FPS games. If it indeed exists, let's hope the Rise of the Triad redux steers clear of Duke's strained attempts at humor and focuses on the gameplay elements that made the original so much fun.

Update: It's official. The Rise of the Triad site is live, complete with details and a handful of screenshots. The game is being built using Unreal Engine 3, and it's due to arrive on the PC via Steam. There will be a single-player campaign in addition to multiplayer modes and, well, the site's gone down again. But an official trailer has been released, and it definitely reminds me of the original game. Thanks to TR reader Pad for the tip.

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