Rise of the Triad reboot previewed

As we learned last week, an Unreal Engine 3-powered Rise of the Triad reboot is in the works. Interceptor Entertainment is developing the game, Apogee is publishing it, and Valve will distribute it on Steam.

The guys at Shacknews were lucky enough to get some early hands-on time with the new ROTT, and they published a short preview yesterday afternoon. Their writeup has me excited, especially this part:

But once you get past the engine upgrades, the game is still just as fast-paced and chaotic as the original, with all the triggers, traps and hidden areas in the usual spots. The sound has been upgraded to give a more realistic feel, such has echoes inside hallways. The music also has been modernized, although the option to play the classic 8-bit original will be included.

The trailer that came out last week certainly makes no apologies for the game's old-school mechanics:

Shacknews says the new ROTT is scheduled for release some time next year. According to Joystiq, the game will cost only $14.99. Now all we need is a reboot of Bungie's Marathon series...

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