Dell's new 27-inch IPS monitor doubles price of Korean imports

27" IPS monitors have been a hot topic recently, and now Dell has a new one. Like typical 27-inchers, the UltraSharp U2713HM offers a 2560x1440 display resolution. Dell claims the panel covers 99% of the sRGB color gamut and says the LED backlight pumps out a maximum brightness of 350 cd/m². The U2713HM's grey-to-grey response time is rated at 8 ms, which should cut down on ghosting, and the anti-glare screen coating should prevent reflections from competing with what's on the screen.

The official product page for the new monitor details a generous assortment of features, including a fully adjustable stand that can swivel, tilt, and raise the screen by 4.5 inches. Rotating to a portrait orientation is supported, as well.

Behind the screen lies a weath of inputs: dual-link DVI, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI, and even an old-school VGA connector. There's also a USB 3.0 input for the integrated four-port hub. That certainly adds some cost to the equation, but perhaps not enough to justify the $799 asking price. Yep, this puppy costs twice what you'll pay for one of those budget Korean displays with the same screen size and resolution. I keep looking at the product page trying to figure out why.

Oh, right, Dell's name is emblazoned on the bottom. Also, the U2713HM has some tree-hugger cred. Dell touts the monitor's environmentally responsible packaging, giving folks something to talk about during the inevitable unboxing videos. The chassis is built from 25% recycled plastics, too, and the screen reportedly consumes 37% less power than the old UltraSharp U2711. That's something, I suppose. Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

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