Metro is now 'Modern UI style'

Talk about an unfortunate name change. Last week, we learned that Microsoft was in the process of deprecating its Metro brand, possibly because of a trademark issue. Now, as The Verge reports, Microsoft has revealed its new name for Windows 8's and Windows Phone's tile-based, typography-infused user interface:

It's "Modern UI Style."

You can see the evidence for yourself on Microsoft's MSDN blogs, where an entry posted yesterday morning is entitled, "Data Structures class using Windows 8 Modern UI design." The Verge also tracked down an event listing on Microsoft's World Wide Events site that makes heavy use of the new "Modern UI Style" name. For example:

Windows 8 marks the next step in the evolution of the Modern UI design style. Through the bold use of color, typography, and motion, Modern UI design style represents a fresh approach to the user experience. In this talk, you'll learn the design principles behind Modern UI and get insights into how to apply these principles to your own apps.

I don't think Microsoft could possibly have picked anything more generic. "Metro" was short, catchy, and already established. The new trademark seems like it could refer to anything—provided the reader knows what "UI" means, that is, which isn't guaranteed. Oh well. I suppose we'll just have to get used to this one.

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