Rumor patrol: DDR royalties?

Rumor of the day: a patent/royalty battle over double data rate (DDR) DRAM may result in big price increases for consumers, writes astute reader Zaknafein:
Well I talked to Creative Labs today on the subject of DDR royalties. The compromise reached between creative labs, and other DDR makers, states that there will be a royalty based on the amount of ram used on the cards. For the current DDR cards that means that the consumer will be forced to pay an additional $40.00 to $50.00. Also part of the compromise is that all media about the rebate will be pulled from the manufactures websites, for fear of damaging the DDR market.
We're interested to see whether or not this one is true, because DDR DRAM can offer some nice performance benefits. Will royalty payments price it out of the market, much like RDRAM? If you've got any dirt on this one, let us know.
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