TR BBQ IX: probably the best yet

The ninth annual edition of the TR BBQ is in the books, and it may just go down as the best one yet. We converged on Dr. Fish's lake house in Holland, Michigan on Saturday for a day's worth of conversation, food, and activities of various sorts.

As you might imagine given the crowd, we crammed an abundance of goodness into the short span of a day, aided by technology in various, well-refined forms. There's no way I could cover everything that happened in a short post, but let me offer up a few select pictures to give those of you who couldn't attend a sense of what you missed.

The setting, at the lake house, is pretty much ideal, and the first official item on the agenda is a barbecue lunch.

Of course, there's lots of spirited tech discussion. Above, pcgeek86 holds up a plate to demonstrate the size of pixels on your typical Android tablet.


After lunch was the main competitive event, the baggo/cornhole tourney. I played Just Brew It (on the right above) for supreme forum admin rights. He won, sparing hundreds from arbitrary banning and censure for yet another year.

Thanks to the generosity of MSI and Gigabyte, we had a bunch of prizes to hand out to the winners of the tournament.  Frobozz (on the right below) took first place and selected an MSI Z77A-GD65 mobo to take home. We also handed out prizes for those who traveled farthest to attend and such. Then we just started giving away stuff at random. I think pretty much everybody came away with something.

The prestigious Wasson Cup, given to "the most worthy," was fittingly awarded to Kelli, our rib chef, who also scored a Gigabyte A75 motherboard for her efforts. Those ribs are magical, world-class BBQ. I'm going to have to steal the recipe.

Here's Captain Ned with his amazing potato cannon, which he toted all the way from his home in Vermont in order to launch spuds deep into Lake Michigan for our entertainment. I've seen potato cannons before, but this was the most impressive yet. The interior of the barrel is rifled, for goshsakes, and when the potato leaves it, well, good luck tracking the projectile. My only chance was to watch for the splash.

Here's the obligatory group shot, which I think includes most everyone but some of the kids who attended. I believe the turnout was up a bit from last year.

After the baggo tourney, everybody emptied out the trunks of their cars and held a swap meet with PC hardware. Dposcorp busted out a whole gaggle of old laptops to sell.

Once darkness fell, we had a beachside fireworks extravaganza, including the 119-shot monster on the right there.

After the fireworks, it was time to play with fire differently. Yes, the flamethrower was back again, taking us from zero to campfire in 60 seconds or so. Nobody ever had to worry about getting a fire or grill going ahead of time.

We huddled around the fire for warmth, cooking hot dogs and s'mores, until late into the evening. At some point, JBI started supplying me with samples of various craft beers as he and eitje skillfully extracted deep TR business secrets. Fortunately, I didn't give away too much classified info before we were interrupted by the launching of several sky lanterns, which traveled down the shoreline for miles, climbing to great heights, before burning out.

That's how the day went, in part. Of course, various folks shot a ridiculous amount of photos and videos throughout the day, and the pictures are already filling up the TR BBQ IX forum thread, starting on this page.

As always, the highlight for me was the conversation with an amazingly good group of people. We are continuously humbled to have TR's name attached to this gathering, which is becoming a highlight of the the year. Thanks again to everybody who made it happen.

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