Could Half-Life 3 be unveiled at Gamescom this week?

A certain PDF file has been making the rounds this morning. It's from the website of German gaming convention Gamescom, and it lists the games expected to make an appearance at the show later this week. As Joystiq reports, folks have been particularly excited about one of the titles listed on the last page:

See it? Sixth from the bottom. Yes, it does say Half-Life 3.

Some are taking this as evidence of the game's imminent unveiling. However, there are several good reasons not to get too excited about this info. The first one is the fine print at the top of the PDF file, which states, according to Google translate, "Please note the source: exhibitors, games media, internet, forums, blogs. Information subject to change." In other words, the information could have come from absolutely anywhere; there's no guarantee it's accurate.

Second, Gamescom's organizers came out and told Eurogamers that the listings for Half-Life 3 and Dragon Age 3 were "a mistake." However, they refused to answer Eurogamer's follow-up question about why the games were listed to begin with. Hmm.

Third, the guys at Lambda Generation pulled up the same PDF file in the LinkedIn profile of someone associated with Gamescom last month, and they actually got a statement from Valve's Doug Lombardi. "We will have the Steam team there to meet with developers and publishers. No game showing planned," Lombardi said.

It's still possible, despite everything, that Half-Life 3 will be announced at Gamescom this week. Perhaps, though the listings were put up accidentally, they aren't inaccurate—only premature. Maybe the game won't be showed at Gamescom, only announced there, making Lombardi's statement true. The evidence seems to be against it, though.

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