A Mac version of Origin is on the way

As determined as ever to boldly go where Valve has gone before, EA has revealed that it, too, is going to bring its game distribution and social gaming platform to the Mac.

As Shacknews reports, EA Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore made the announcement at Gamescom 2012 yesterday. Moore apparently neglected to mention a release time frame or a list of launch titles. However, Shacknews says he added that Origin will also make its way onto Android devices and Facebook, and that players can look forward to both free-to-play games and achievements on the platform.

Looks like EA is still playing catch-up. Steam came out for OS X two years ago, and Valve rolled out Steam client apps for Android and iOS back in January. The apps don't let you purchase mobile games, though; they merely replicate some of the functionality of the PC and Mac clients.

Oh, and Steam has had both achievements and free-to-play titles for some time now.

Still, it's nice to see Mac gamers getting some love from industry heavyweights like Valve and EA. GPU upgrades are a no-no on most of Apple's machines, but a number of Macs do ship with passable graphics solutions, like Radeon HD 6700M GPUs on the iMac line and GeForce GT 650M GPUs on the 15" MacBook Pros. If the hardware can pull it off, there's no reason Macs can't double as gaming systems.

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