Thursday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Nvidia unveils new weapon of choice for gamers—the Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti GPU
  2. WSJ: Apple’s new front in battle for TV
  3. X-bit labs: AMD preps Trinity-based Athlon II and Sempron processors – documents
  4. X-bit labs: Nvidia expects shipments of cloud graphics cards to ramp up next year
  5. VR-Zone: PowerColor launches Radeon HD 7950 Boost State Edition

    and Creative Technology unveils new Sound Blaster audio cards for PCs

  6. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has arrived for U.S. market
  7. Netbook News: Acer Iconia Tab A110 7-incher with

    Tegra 3 quad-core coming with Android Jelly Bean

  8. Linux kernel 3.5.2


  1. ZDNet: IBM claims spintronics breakthrough with ‘waltzing electrons’ observations
  2. VR-Zone: Corsair buys out Raptor Gaming
  3. X-bit labs: IDT to present NVM specs, unleash controllers for PCIe SSDs

    this month and Toshiba releases high-performance SSD upgrade kits for PCs

  4. Fudzilla: PowerColor’s dual-HD 7970 Devil 13 coming soon
  5. VR-Zone: Razer outs Counter Logic Gaming-branded DeathAdder and Goliathus
  6. NinjaLane podcast
  7. Win an HIS HD 7770 iCooler 1GB GHz Edition from HardwareLook
  8. NCIX and Newegg have back-to-school sales
  9. Dealzon’s deals: $400 coupon for 15.6″ hp dv6t Quad i7-3610QM, $150 off

    15.6″ Dell Inspiron 15R AMD A4-3300M, $99 off 13.3″ MacBook Air

    i5-3427U / 128GB SSD, and $70 off 7″ Dell Streak 16GB tablet


  1. PCWorld: hp spins off ‘Gram‘ as independent home for webOS
  2. Looking back at one year of Tizen
  3. Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network available to more than 75% of the U.S. population
  4. 9to5Mac: iPad mini will look like a large iPod touch with smaller side bezels
  5. CRN: hp says its Windows 8 tablet will include ‘unique‘ technology
  6. Reuters: Nokia fuels hopes of phone launch ahead of Apple
  7. Fudzilla: Galaxy Note sales hit 10 million and

    Galaxy S III to get Jelly Bean on August 29th

  8. Hardware.Info pits Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 vs. Toshiba AT300
  9. U.S. and Canada: Update ready for Nokia Lumia 900


  1. TechReviewSource’s hands-on with Windows 8 RTM
  2. Neowin: Taking Windows 8 into the enterprise: the good, the bad, and the Modern UI
  3. TechSpot tests Windows 8 vs. Windows 7 performance
  4. NGOHQ posts Windows 8 RTM screenshots gallery
  5. WPCentral on the story that wasn’t. Microsoft is not banning apps with Metro in their name.
  6. MS Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 now available
  7. H Online: BackTrack 5 R3 adds tools for Arduino and Teensy attacks

    and Oracle releases unscheduled fix for critical vulnerability

  8. GNOME celebrates 15 years
  9. TechNewsWorld reviews KDE 4.9
  10. Unixmen reports Nvidia 304.37 released
  11. iTWire: New MPEG standard halves video bandwidth with no quality loss


  1. Valve announces Steam Community update day 3 – my content
  2. X-bit labs: Sony to stop PlayStation games for

    PS-certified devices, will rely on special content

  3. Fudzilla: Battlefield 3 Premium Edition confirmed
  4. VR-Zone: Command & Conquer Gamescom 2012 announce gameplay trailer
  5. Diablo III patch 1.0.4 Legendary item improvements

GeForce GTX 660 Ti Reviews

  1. Hardware Canucks, Hardware.Info & PCPer review Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti
  2. Hardware Heaven, HotHardware, Legit Reviews,

    and OCC have GTX 660 Ti cards roundups

  3. Benchmark Reviews, CowcotLand, Guru3D, HTL,, NinjaLane,

    PureOC, techPowerUp!, and TweakTown review MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition

  4. Funky Kit, Guru3D, HTL,, NinjaLane, PureOC,

    and VR-Zone review Gigabyte GTX 660 Ti OC Edition

  5. Hardware Secrets, HTL, LanOC Reviews, and on EVGA GTX 660 Ti SC

  6. Benchmark Review, KitGuru, ocaholic, and

    techPowerUp! review Asus GTX 660 Ti DirectCU II TOP

  7. Guru3D and techPowerUp! review Palit GTX 660 Ti
  8. techPowerUp! reviews Zotac GTX 660 Ti AMP! Edition 2GB

Systems and storage

  1. KitGuru’s Orange OPC review
  2. TechReviewSource on Dell Latitude E6430 laptop
  3. TWL reviews Core i7-3820
  4. ocaholic tests Core 2 Quad / HD 7970 gaming performance
  5. Tech ARP posts HDD performance comparison guide rev. 4.8
  6. TweakTown’s Areca ARC-1882i PCIe 3.0 RAID controller review
  7. AnandTech (thanks airmantharp) and HCW test

    SSD RAID TRIM on Intel 7-series chipsets

  8. TweakTown posts Micron RealSSD P400E 5-drive JBOD enterprise report
  9. TweakTown reviews 240GB Corsair Force GS SSD


  1. HotHardware explores Nvidia TXAA anti-aliasing
  2. techPowerUp! reviews POV GTX 680 TGT Ultra Charged 4GB
  3. PCPer reviews MSI GTX 670 Power Edition
  4. InsideHW’s exclusive review of MSI 660 GTX
  5. KitGuru’s Sapphire HD 7950 Vapor-X Edition review
  6. reviews Corsair Vengeance 1300 headset
  7. Technic3D reviews SteelSeries Diablo III gaming-set (in German)

Power, cases, and cooling

  1. Legit Reviews on 650W Antec EarthWatts EA-650 Platinum PSU
  2. Rbmods on Raidmax RX-600AF PSU
  3. LanOC Reviews on Raidmax Agusta case
  4. HardwareOC reviews BitFenix Prodigy mini-ITX case
  5. VR-Zone’s Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU cooler review
  6. Hardware Secrets reviews Phanteks PH-TC14CS CPU cooler
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    • can-a-tuna
    • 7 years ago

    I’d like to have that new Soundblaster Z-series reviewed asap and compared to Recon3D and those Xonars you had previously done. I’m not too happy when I found out the SNR of my Recon3D and this thing is gone from my system if Z-series is actually any good.

    • shaurz
    • 7 years ago

    Will you come a-waltzing electrons with me?

    • Deanjo
    • 7 years ago

    [quote<]iTWire: New MPEG standard halves video bandwidth with no quality loss[/quote<] Well that is a bit of a misleading headline. It should read: [quote<]iTWire: New MPEG standard halves video bandwidth with no quality loss when compared to H.264 [/quote<] There still will be quality loss over the original uncompressed video.

    • TheMonkeyKing
    • 7 years ago

    “…Galaxy S III to get Jelly Bean on August 29th.”

    Any news on when the Verizon Galaxy S III Developers model will go on sale?

    • GeorgeMichael
    • 7 years ago

    What is worth fighting for? You tell me.

      • sweatshopking
      • 7 years ago

      nice trailer. too bad the game is just an mmo, which means it’s walking around forever, and clicking on little icons while the combat pretty much plays itself.

        • dashbarron
        • 7 years ago

        But if you’re good, you can be [i<]first[/i<] to clear new content.

          • sweatshopking
          • 7 years ago


            • MadManOriginal
            • 7 years ago

            That’s what she said.

            • NeelyCam
            • 7 years ago

            Your all over the gutter brain map these days

        • BobbinThreadbare
        • 7 years ago

        Stop saying things I agree with SSK, it ruins my image of you.

          • sweatshopking
          • 7 years ago

          i’ve been hearing that a lot recently… you’ve seen my tight body, did it fight with your image of me? what about dpaus? he didn’t look like i imagined him.

      • ULYXX
      • 7 years ago

      I love blizzard trailers, theyre just beautifully animated, textured, lighting, effects, character design. So, given how many talents they have I would figure they would have come up with something a little less on the lines of Kung Fu panda’s Po. Are you kidding me? They just added a beard so they wouldnt be sued.

        • PixelArmy
        • 7 years ago

        I’ve never played WoW nor did watch the trailer to an expansion I won’t be playing, but I’m assuming the characters in that trailer are Kung Fu Pandas… Blizzard had those in the Warcraft universe way before the movie…


          • ULYXX
          • 7 years ago

          I stand in the wrong and I shall plus one you.

    • jdaven
    • 7 years ago

    CRN: hp says its Windows 8 tablet will include ‘unique’ technology

    It will include breakthrough technology that will make the tablet look less like a large smartphone.

    • MadManOriginal
    • 7 years ago

    [quote<]IV.ocaholic tests Core 2 Quad / HD 7970 gaming performance[/quote<] Interesting read there, would have been nice to see a few more practical Intel processors but they say they will add more. The C2Q still holds its own.

      • willmore
      • 7 years ago

      I hadn’t thought to look for a comparison like this, but I’m glad I found it. Since I’m sitting on a C2Q 6600 @ 3.2GHz with 400MHz FSB, I’m in a slightly better state than their test machine. I’m contemplating the fall upgrade to the system and it really looks like I have enough CPU, but I would benefit from an upgrade of my GF9800GTX+ to something more modern–say a 7770 GHz edition.

      Only three games seemed to be able to take much advantage of more than four cores: Skyrim, Modern Warfare, and SC2. Of those only SC2 interests me, but it’s not on Steam, so, meh.

      All I expect to need to play this fall/winter is Borderlands2. For all the other games I play, my machine does ‘well enough’.

    • codedivine
    • 7 years ago

    [quote<]TechNewsWorld reviews KDE 4.9[/quote<] I have not tried KDE 4.9 yet (using 4.8), but I feel that KDE is a solid desktop choice for power users who want to "Get Stuff Done". It works well overall and while it does have a preference for beefier systems compared to say XFCE, it has worked fine for me on anything with with 2GB+ memory. If you are a Linux user, do give KDE a try sometime.

      • Deanjo
      • 7 years ago

      It is definitely my desktop of choice. My only peeve is with the default menu but in true kde fashion they smartly allowed people to select a more traditional of “classic” menu with a simple right click. This is one of KDE’s greatest strengths, easy customization. Now why couldn’t MS do the same thing with Win 8? OK by default have your tinker toy UI but at least give the option of adding a start button and the option boot to a classic desktop.

        • CuttinHobo
        • 7 years ago

        Don’t be silly! Statistics show that 100% of the people who occupy Steve Ballmer’s office prefer the Metro UI over Windows 7. 100%!! Who do you think you are to argue against a unanimous vote like that?

          • Deanjo
          • 7 years ago

          Apparently Ballmer was out of the office the day the vote took place and Metro won out by acclamation.

        • chuckula
        • 7 years ago

        Speaking of customization… I don’t even bother with a launch menu or taskbar in my crazy KDE 4.9 setup. I use quicklauncher for my common programs and klaunch for the less common ones. As for window management, I’ve remapped F9 & F10 for the expose effect on single & multiple desktops. In combination with alt-tab switching and the desktop grid, I don’t need the taskbar at all. Yay KDE.

          • Deanjo
          • 7 years ago

          How dare you customize a desktop to your liking! Monkey man Ballmer forbids it!

            • NeelyCam
            • 7 years ago

            Just like thw dead monkey boy Jobs

      • destroy.all.monsters
      • 7 years ago

      It’s _very_ pretty.

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