CS:GO to get zero-day zombie mod

Sick of zombies yet? No? Well, fear not, because game developers everywhere—both professionals and amateurs—are still working their hardest to run the whole thing into the ground.

I give you: the Zombie Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Valve's latest post on the official Counter-Strike blog excitedly proclaims, "When we go live next Tuesday, we will have some brain chomping walking dead joining us. The guys over at plaguefest.com have been working with us to get Zombie Mod working on CS:GO and it’s ready!"

Valve's post also includes the following picture:

Oh boy. Zombies with knives.

I suppose there's nothing wrong with mixing it up a little, though—and knowing Valve, I'm sure the mod will actually be fun to play. The addition also heralds further modding goodness for CS:GO. "It was important to us as we developed CS:GO to make sure it was as moddable and extensible as any CS game," continues Valve in the blog post. "So this is just one of many mods that will be available to CS:GO in the coming months."

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is due out on August 21 for Windows and OS X. If you pre-order from Steam now, you can get the game for $13.49 and join the open beta, which should allow you to play instantly.

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