Borderlands 2 goes gold

It's official. Gearbox CEO and President Randy Pitchford has confirmed on Twitter that Borderlands 2 has gone gold. The game won't actually be released until September 18 in the US, but the code is complete, and retail discs are probably being stamped as I write this.

At least on the PC, most folks will probably be acquiring Borderlands 2 through download services like Steam. Being denied the game for a month while discs are printed and retail boxes distributed is a little annoying. Wouldn't it be nice of publishers made up for the epidemic of delayed PC releases by offering downloadable versions early? That would certainly be one way to encourage folks to use online distribution services, which developers and publishers both seem to prefer.

If you've been living under a rock and have somehow missed the Borderlands 2 hype, here's the latest trailer.

The first Borderlands game was a lot of fun, but the grinding got a little tedious for me. Looks like the sequel has been streamlined somewhat, and I'm eager to check it out. If you're interested, you might want to pre-order the game now to get a few bonus goodies. Early orders will receive a couple of extra items, unique guns, and a fifth Mechromancer character class that will be released at a later date. The Mechromancer class features a skill tree designed specifically for newbies, and I'm curious to see whether it makes co-op sessions more enjoyable for less-skilled players.

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