CPU World details Haswell package configurations

Intel's next-generation Haswell processor isn't due until next year, but CPU World says it has the goods on the various chip configurations we can expect. The details don't cover specifics like cache sizes or clock speeds, but they do mention core counts, graphics tiers, and memory configs.

According to the site's sources, there will be nine Haswell packages, at least to start. On the desktop, LGA packages will be available with dual- and quad-core dies. Both will have dual-channel DDR3 memory controllers with official support for speeds up to 1600MHz. These parts will purportedly sport GT2-class integrated graphics, a step below the GT3 GPU variant available on the mobile side.

For notebooks, the performance segment gets a quad-core die with GT3 graphics. There will reportedly be separate mainstream quad- and dual-core dies with GT2 graphics, as well. Although all three have dual-channel memory controllers, only the quads support two DIMMs per channel. You'll apparently have to drop the memory clock to 1333MHz to run four DIMMs.

The ultrabook-sounding Ultra Thin and Light category is populated by a couple of duallies, the site says. One has dual-channel memory and GT3 graphics, while the other is a GT2 model with just one memory channel. Both are supposed to combine separate CPU and chipset silicon on the same physical package, which should shrink the platform's overall footprint.

Intel is scheduled to discuss Haswell's microarchitecture at its Developer Forum in San Francisco next month. We'll be on the scene to bring you the latest on what's in store.

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