Stereoscopic 3D not a priority for EA games

We took our first look at stereoscopic 3D on the PC back in 2009. At the time, we weren't sold on the technology. We revisited the subject earlier this year and found that much had improved. However, problems persisted, particularly with game compatibility and eye fatigue. We remained unconvinced.

Turns out we're not alone. Publishing giant EA isn't too keen on stereoscopic 3D, with COO Peter Moore telling Eurogamer that the technology "just doesn't seem to be a major factor." Moore notes that stereo 3D hasn't gained traction among gamers, although he does say 3D TV usage is higher in the UK than in the US. Apparently, it's not high enough for EA to pay the technology too much attention.

The fact that stereoscopic 3D implementations require dorky goggles has always seemed like kind of a deal-breaker for me. Lots of folks have prescription glasses that won't play nicely with a second set of spectacles. The additional cost associated with a stereo setup can be steep, as well. In addition to the googles and display, you also need a beefier graphics card to generate essentially double the frames—one set for each eye.

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