Release roundup: Windowed cases, 1200W power, and an OC-friendly mobo

Every week, we gather press releases that slipped through the net of our daily coverage, and we post them in the release roundup. Here's this week's selection:

  • ASRock reveals its first OC-oriented mainboard. Folks have been overclocking ASRock motherboards for years, but the Z77 OC Formula is the first one designed specifically for the activity. As its name implies, the board uses Intel's Z77 platform hub and is meant for Ivy Bridge CPUs. The eight-layer circuit board is populated with all kinds of fancy electrical components, including digital PWMs. A substantial heatsink covers the voltage regulation circuitry and features not only a small fan, but also barbs to accommodate liquid cooling systems. ASRock has loaded the board with thermal sensors and voltage probing points, as well. Naturally, there are three PCIe x16 slots, plus loads of extra USB 3.0 and 6Gbps SATA ports. Newegg already has the board in stock for $240.

  • Fractal Design launches windowed side panels for Arc Midi, Define R4. Gazing into the Arc Midi and Define R4 just got easier. Fractal Design has released windowed side panels for both cases. The windows measure 10.6" x 11.4", and they eliminate side-panel fan mounts on both cases. Although a windowed version of the Arc Midi isn't being offered (the side panel┬ámust be purchased separately), there are now black, white, and grey versions of the Define R4 equipped with the windowed panel by default. The updated R4 cases are supposed to sell for $120, but Newegg has all three on sale for $105, which is $5 less than the standard versions.

  • OCZ unveils the PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 1200W. The Silencer MK III family used to top out at 600W, but OCZ has doubled that output capacity with the latest addition to the line. This 1200W model is rated for just under 100A of 12V output. It carries 80 Plus Platinum certification, which denotes 89-92% efficiency. The fully modular design has fancier plugs than the other members of the MK III line, and the 140-mm fan is slightly larger than the 120-mm units deployed on the lower-wattage models. OCZ covers the 1200W unit with a longer seven-year warranty, too. The other MK III flavors have five-year warranties and 80 Plus Bronze ratings. The MK III 1200W is selling for $350 at Newegg right now.

Although the side window doesn't match the Define R4's monolithic exterior perfectly, it's nice to be able to see the guts of a PC, especially if you've taken the time to tidy up the wiring. The windowed Define R4 looks like a nice deal with the current discount.

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