Sleeping Dogs demo available on Steam

Sleeping Dogs was released last week, and it seems to be pretty popular with critics and gamers. The PC version has a MetaCritic score of 84 with an 8.6 user rating, and the console versions have received similar ratings. PC gamers get a few perks, including DirectX 11 graphics effects and a separate, high-resolution texture pack that weighs in at about 5GB, nearly doubling the size of the installed footprint.

Right now, Sleeping Dogs costs $50 on Steam. If you're apprehensive about taking the plunge, you can grab the freshly released demo, which is available free of charge. Here's the demo promo trailer:

The demo is 2.8GB, according to Shacknews, and it's unclear whether high-res textures are included. Given the game's open-world setting and the sheer size of the texture pack, I'd guess not. The demo should give folks a sense of the gameplay, though. I'm particularly curious about whether the driving and combat mechanics are up to snuff.

Shacknews has some interesting quotes from Sleeping Dogs Senior Producer Jeff O'Connell, who called publisher Square Enix "incredibly supportive" of the PC release. The game was released simultaneously on the PC and consoles, a practice that has become less and less common these days. Let's hope Sleeping Dogs is a sign of things to come, not only with respect to release schedules, but also PC-specific enhancements and timely demos.

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