Dual Tahiti GPUs team up on PowerColor Devil 13

Although AMD has yet to answer Nvidia's GeForce GTX 690 with a comparable dual-GPU Radeon, that hasn't stopped PowerColor from coming up with one of its own. The graphics card maker has unveiled the Devil 13 HD 7990, which squeezes a pair of Radeon HD 7970 chips onto a single board. Each GPU is clocked at 925MHz, the default speed of the 7970 before it got the GHz Edition treatment. However, there's a switch in the port array that pushes the GPU clock speeds to an even gigahertz.

The switch doesn't appear to affect the memory transfer rate, which is 5.5 GT/s, just like the standard 7970. Each GPU is equipped with 3GB of memory, giving the card a total of 6GB onboard. Since the GPUs are running in CrossFire, the effective memory is still 3GB.

PowerColor encourages folks to overclock the card further, and it's equipped the thing with 16 power phases, digital PWMs, and fancy electrical components to help with that mission. The cooler is also a monster; it's a triple-slot design with 10 heatpipes and the ability to disspiate up to 550W, according to PowerColor.

As is fashionable for ultra-high-end cards, the Devil 13 comes with a couple of accessories. There's a purportedly premium toolkit with a bunch of different screwdriver blades. PowerColor also includes something called a PowerJack to help bear some of the card's heft. PowerColor doesn't say how much the thing weighs, but it does reveal that the card is 12.4" long. The product page also notes that three eight-pin PCIe power connectors are required to keep the Devil 13 juiced.

There's no word on pricing or availability, but you can bet the dually won't be cheap. GeForce GTX 690 cards sell for $1000 and up.

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