Deal of the week: Discounted Radeons, SSDs, and a mechanical keyboard

Earlier this week, AMD trimmed mid-range Radeon prices, providing plenty of fooder for this week's deals post. For the most part, the discounts have already impacted online listings. Newegg has five different Radeon HD 7850 2GB cards for $210, and four more are selling for $220. This XFX Core Edition looks like it might be the best deal of the bunch. Along with lifetime warranty coverage, the card comes with a $20 rebate that knocks the effective price down to $200. The Core Edition's cooler has only one fan; if you're looking for a dual-fan unit, check out this Sapphire variant, which costs $210.

Only a couple of the Radeon HD 7870 GHz Editions listed on Newegg have dropped down to that card's new $250 MSRP. These Diamond and Sapphire offerings both hit that price and appear to stick to AMD's reference design, complete with its blower-style cooler. Feeling more ambitious? Try this hot-clocked Gigabyte version, which cranks the GPU clock up by 10%, adds a custom cooler with three fans, and costs $240 after a $20 rebate.

A couple of Radeon HD 7950 cards have slipped below the new $319 asking price. HIS and PowerColor both have 7950s selling for $300 each. Neither of those cards offers explicit support for AMD's new clock-boosting mojo, but this $320 PowerColor model does.

As usual, there are plenty of good SSD deals to be had. The most tempting may be OCZ's Agility 4 128GB, which is down to $70 on Amazon after a $20 rebate. Want more storage? Newegg is selling a 256GB Kingston SSDNow V200 for only $160, no rebates required. For a fast desktop rig, I'd still be tempted to drop an extra $39 on the Samsung 830 Series 256GB. The 830 Series is the fastest SSD we've tested, and it's currently on sale for $199.

And now, for something completely different. If you've been put off by the high cost of mechanical keyboards, check out Rosewill's RK-9000BR, which features Cherry MX brown switches and is 30 bucks off at only $80. As GodsMadClown points out in the forums, adding coupon code EMCNBHG53 at checkout brings the cost down to just $68. That's a heck of a deal for a keyboard with our favorite Cherry MX switches.

North of the border, NCIX's second back-to-school sale has some pretty sweet deals. Corsair's Vengeance K60 keyboard is $60 after a $20 rebate, and the Kingston SSDNow V200 128GB costs only $75. There are discounted Radeons, too, including a PowerColor 7850 2GB for only $180 after a $20 rebate. The card is cheaper than any of the 7850s at Newegg, and it also includes a copy of DiRT Showdown. Unfortunately, these discounts are all limited to NCIX's Canadian site.

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