Sunday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Apple vs. Samsung verdict: It doesn't matter - ZDNet
  2. Neowin: Best billion dollar ad-campaign Samsung ever had
  3. Harvard University: Flat lens offers a perfect image
  4. Social Barrel: New smart phone case by Pong claims to
    lessen radiation by up to 95% below safety standards
  5. ZDNet: How the new Windows 8 license terms affect you (downgrade rights)
  6. Linux 3.6 RC3
  7. VentureBeat: The White House releases its first open source app on Github
  8. Torchlight II release date to be announced on 8/31


  1. 9to5Mac: Tim Cook tells Apple employees that legal victory 'is about values'
  2. KitGuru's exclusive interview with Kingston regional director Ann Keefe
  3. Bornrich: $2 million Dark Knight-themed custom home theater
  4. NCIX: Save on shipping with select Antec products

  1. Bloomberg: Samsung facing product delays after Apple wins U.S. jury verdict
  2. Confirmed at AllThingsD: New iPad mini to debt in
    , after latest Apple iPhone's September bow
  3. Neowin: Microsoft Surface spotted in the wild and
    Windows Phone exec thinks the OS is "looking gooooood"
  4. VR-Zone: LG Optimus G E973 leaked images
  5. Tbreak on why Windows Phone 8 will fail
  6. ThinkComputers posts a guide to being productive on Android

  1. The Register: Has cash corrupted open source?
  2. ITworld: Raise a glass to Linux
  3. Linux Mint 14 "Nadia"
  4. Linux User & Developer: Ubuntu 12.04.1 out now, 10.04 users prompted to update
  5. CCleaner v3.22.1800
  6. Announcing Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1
  7. Muktware on Manjaro Linux: Arch Linux for newbies
  8. Linux notes from DarkDuck: Is Fedora 17 GNOME really a miracle?

  1. KitGuru visits the UK’s largest gaming festival, i46
  2. playXBLA: Happy Wars will offer free online
    for all Xbox Live Gold members
  3. Guild Wars II Digital Deluxe Upgrade
  4. Tbreak tries out Aido’s new PC games download service
  5. TweakTown reviews Sleeping Dogs (Xbox 360)

  1. Tech ARP's BIOS option of the week - graphic win size
  2. VR-Zone's Asus ROG Maximus V Extreme (Z77) Subzero review
  3. HCW reviews 256GB OCZ Vertex 4 SSD
  4. ocaholic and VR-Zone review Asus GTX 660 Ti DirectCU II TOP
  5. Legit Reviews on Gigabyte GP-Krypton Mat two-sided gaming mouse pad
  6. Computing on Demand reviews StarTech USB
    3.0-to-2.5" SATA enclosure with encryption
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