So, uh, Jr. Damage my oldest son just turned 13, and for his birthday, he requested a UT2004 LAN party. Of course, that's eminently do-able around here; I just spent part of Saturday moving around test rigs, reconfiguring Damage Labs into a five-seat LAN gaming setup. He we are shortly before the guests arrived:

Yeah, one poor kid got stuck with a 24" IPS monitor, but the rest were good to go. :)

If you look closely, that tiny poster on the wall comes from this design featuring, well, the now-13-year-old sitting in the chair on the right. I have to say, his UT skillz have improved immensely since then.

Somehow, much of the rest of my weekend was spent working on computers, too.

The other day, I dumped a cup or so of Kung Pao sauce directly into my beloved MS Natural Keyboard during a lunch-at-desk attempt. Amazingly, the internal electronics survived, although I sat the thing outside for a few days, hoping nearby woodland creatures might give me some help with the clean-up. That didn't happen, so I had to pop off every key cap and wash 'em with dish soap while cleaning the insides of the thing with a Q-tip. I think it may make a full recovery, once the key caps dry out.

Also, I did the family tech support thing once again, taking my brother's old, Vista-and-malware-addled PC, tearing it down, and rebuilding it with all-new parts, including a faster CPU, SSD, and DX11 graphics card. The old build was inside of an Antec Sonata III, and the new parts were much lower power, so the thing is pretty darned quiet, all told. I just hope it stays trouble-free for as long as possible, which I suppose is how these family support arrangements boil down, eventually.

Now, to spend the rest of Monday finding ways to covertly avoid working on computers somehow...

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