Bang on the new site code for us, if you would

We have been hard at work on some improvements to the site behind the scenes, and we're about ready to roll out the first wave of changes. For the most part, these changes aren't too consequential, unless you consider the fact that almost every single URL on the site will be changing consequential. We've had to adjust the URLs we expose to the world in order to appease the Google gods.

Nope, not kidding.

There was a time when we produced quality articles, Google did its job well, and folks found their way here quite naturally. That time has long since passed, and so we must reorg the site, exposing plain-English-format-like-this URLs in order to be weighted properly in the big G's algorithm.

I'm going to point you to our dev server, where you can try out a version of the site using this newfangled URL mangler, but first, a word of warning: you'll want to open an incognito mode browser window in order to avoid having your TR login and prefs cookies scrambled. Also, everything on the dev server is an older copy of the site, so don't expect live updates in sync with discussions on the main box.

With that said, you can go here to test out the new code for us.

When it goes into production, we'll auto redirect all of our older-format URLs to the new ones automatically. Heck, we have a ridiculous legacy there. You can, for instance, go to this URL:

...and you'll get to the proper destination.

We've made a few other tweaks, as well. Most notably, we've decided to pull blog posts into the same stream as our reviews and other articles. Those "posts" are really weekly columns, and we've invested a lot of time in creating them. Now, blogs will appear on the front page and in the section pages alongside everything else. Blog posts should be much easier to find, and yes, the individual blog pages will still be clearly marked, for those who think opinion columns should be kept separate from... reviews with opinions about products in them.

In the "who cares, really" department, the nav bar across the top has changed a bit. "GPUs" is now the less-obscure "Graphics", and "Mobos & Chipsets" becomes "Motherboards." We've added a gaming section page, too.

I'm sure I've missed some other changes, but that's about the shape of it. Surf around, if you would, and see whether everything works as it should. If not, let us know about any problems in the comments below. Thanks.

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