Wireless device recharging is coming to laptops, says Intel

Modern notebooks are loaded with wireless technologies. The 802.11 alphabet soup covers Wi-Fi networking, while various flavors of Bluetooth provide peripheral connectivity. NFC chips are even working their way into mobile PCs. Next year, we could also see systems with wireless charging capabilities.

Some portable devices can already be charged sans wires, but they rely on inductive technology that requires physical contact with a special charging surface. Intel is working with Integrated Device Technology on a different approach that uses resonance to recharge drained batteries. The technology doesn't require physical contact between the charger and chargee, but the two have to be within about an inch of each other.

According to an Intel blog post, IDT will have a wireless charging chipset ready in early 2013. Haswell-based ultrabooks are expected to arrive later next year, and we wouldn't be surprised to see some of them support resonant charging. Intel says it's working with notebook and peripheral makers, among others, to offer inexpensive wireless charging solutions. This seems like the sort of feature that's going to start at the high end before trickling down to more affordable devices, though.

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