Dual VelociRaptors take root in external Thunderbolt drive

Western Digital's terabyte VelociRaptor hard drive has popped up in a rather unexpected place. The 10k-RPM mechanical monster is part of WD's latest external drive, the My Book VelociRaptor Duo. As the name implies, the external storage device features dual VelociRaptors. The drives can be configured in a 2TB RAID 0 array or a redundant RAID 1 with half that capacity.

Unlike most external drives, the My Book is devoid of USB ports. In their place sits a pair of Thunderbolt connectors that put even USB 3.0's speedy transfer rates to shame. Dual ports allow the My Book to participate in a daisy chain of Thunderbolt devices, another perk of the interconnect technology.

WD's press release promises transfer rates up to 400MB/s in RAID 0 mode. That's pretty quick for dual mechanical drives and competitive with what we'd expect from a single modern SSD. Typical solid-state drives don't offer anything close to 2TB of storage unless they, too, are combined in RAID.

Assembling enough SSDs to match the My Book's storage capacity won't be cheap, which makes the external drive's $900 price tag somewhat easier to swallow. Bare VelociRaptors are selling for $260 right now, so you're looking at close to a $400 premium to wrap them up in the My Book enclosure. At least WD includes a Thunderbolt cable in the box.

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