Virtu MVP goes mobile, arrives on Origin laptops

Lucid's Virtu MVP graphics virtualization software is already supported by a substantial number of desktop motherboards. Now, the software is becoming available on notebooks—and, according to Lucid, it's making its first mobile appearance on Origin's Eon laptops.

Virtu MVP virtualizes the system's graphics hardware, which enables seamless and dynamic switching between integrated and discrete GPUs. That capability incurs power-saving benefits, of course, much like Nvidia's Optimus and AMD's Enduro technologies. Virtu MVP allows the integrated and discrete GPUs to join forces, which can speed up rendering, as well.

But Virtu MVP goes beyond simple virtualization. It includes a custom vsync implementation, Virtual Vsync, which allows in-game frame rates to go beyond the display's refresh rate (typically 60 Hz) without causing screen tearing. That approach is purported to improve input responsiveness over traditional vsync. Lucid's HyperFormance technology supplements Virtual Vsync by partially rendering frames that don't make it to the display. Lucid claims HyperFormance increases frame rates—and thus responsiveness—by up to 30%. Virtual Vsync and HyperFormance aren't supported in every game, however.

Origin's Eon17-SLX Pro gaming notebook. Source: Origin.

Origin says it's now offering Virtu MVP Mobile, the notebook-bound implementation of Virtu MVP, on its Eon laptops "at no cost." Those laptops include 11", 15.6", and 17.3" systems with starting prices of $1009, $1554, and $1585, respectively. By default, the machines are outfitted with Intel Ivy Bridge processors and GeForce 600M-series graphics from Nvidia.

Customization options abound, of course. The 15.6" and 17.3" Eon notebooks can be ordered with Radeon HD 7000-series graphics, and folks can double down with the Eon 17-SLX Pro, which packs two GeForce GTX 680M GPUs configured in SLI mode. (Virtu MVP also supports multi-GPU configs.)

We expect to have the 11" Eon11-S with Virtu MVP Mobile in our labs before too long. Stay tuned!

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