Bloomberg: 7.85'' iPad coming in October, new Kindle Fire next week

The rumor mill never ceases to grind out stories about upcoming tablets, phones, and other gadgets. Sometimes, though, it's nice to see a mainstream news source lend the speculation a little added weight. Bloomberg did just that earlier this morning, citing multiple sources who expect Apple to unleash a 7.85" iPad in October—and who reckon Amazon's new Kindle Fire will come out as soon as next week.

Bloomberg doesn't reveal a lot of details about the smaller iPad. Its sources merely name suppliers for the device's display and its "lamination coating." The suppliers themselves are, of course, staying mum—as is Apple. A couple of weeks back, 9to5Mac posted a number of mockups and allegedly leaked pictures of the device. Those images suggest the "iPad Mini" will look like a supersized iPod Touch, with a very slim bezel on the sides of the display.

Bloomberg also says analysts expect Amazon's next-gen Kindle Fire to debut next week. As the news service points out, Amazon posted a press release yesterday, announcing that the current version of the Kindle Fire has sold out:

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 30, 2012-- (NASDAQ:AMZN)—Less than one year ago, Amazon introduced Kindle Fire—combining 15 years of innovation into a single, fully-integrated, end-to-end service for customers. Kindle Fire quickly became the most successful product launch in the history of, earning over 10,000 5-star customer reviews, and is the #1 best-selling product across the millions of items available on Amazon since its introduction 48 weeks ago. Today, Amazon announced that Kindle Fire is sold out, and that in just nine months, Kindle Fire has captured 22% of tablet sales in the U.S.

The announcement sings the praises of the old Kindle Fire, yet oddly enough, it neglects to mention why the device is no longer available or when folks can expect the replacement. It does seem like a thinly veiled teaser for the next version of the tablet, though.

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