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Alas, it's time to bid farewell to last week's poll to make room for a new one. The results from last week's question are pretty interesting: 35% of you are most looking forward to ATi's Radeon 2 (Forge's evangelizing seems to have caught your attention) with another 25% eagerly anticipating the Geforce 3. Rounding out the rest of the pack is the Bitboys' vaporware at 14%, the cancelled Matrox G800 at 12%, STMicro's Kyro II at 11%, and whatever VIA/S3 has up its sleeve at less than 1%.

Since we've heard a lot of talk about upcoming dual processor platforms from both Intel and AMD of late, this week's question asks for your SMP preference between dual Fosters and dual Palominos.

Ignoring price, which would you rather have?
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