Howdy, all. Busy week here in the tech realm. We had the Win8 Phone announcement with Nokia yesterday, and today Amazon should unveil a new Kindle Fire. Next week, I'll be out at IDF getting the lowdown on Haswell, and just across the street from that event, Apple is expected to be unveiling the next iPhone.

Meanwhile, we're working hard behind the scenes here on various things. I have a quick write-up of the Xeon Phi architecture in the works, but I had to put it aside to concentrate on an upcoming review. Geoff and Cyril are working on projects, too.

In the wake of the site changes this past weekend, we're preparing some follow-ups that should speed page loading times. The server side of that equation is very fast already, but we have some in-page code that could execute more optimally on the client, speeding web browser rendering. I'd really like to deliver a more old-school-TR type of experience, with near-instantaneous page loads. Sites like reddit are still that quick. Getting there will require a series of changes, some of it to third-party code, but Bruno could well have the first step or two implemented very soon. I think you'll appreciate the improvements.

I'm sure I've mentioned in the past that I'm a caffeine addict (I believe I've dedicated a review or two to the substance), but I'm not sure I've said that I'm really a coffee drinker, to be specific. Like, a serious conical-burr-grinder-and-espresso-machine-owning coffee snob. I regularly use about four different brewing methods, but just recently, I've been experimenting with a new one: cold brewing. The pitch for cold brewing is that brewing with heat releases more of the acids and astringency in coffee, adding to the bitterness. By brewing at room temperature for a longer period, you can purportedly extract lots of flavor without the downsides. Judging by the results I've been getting, there's something to those claims. The iced coffee drinks I've produced have had a pleasant profile that's markedly different from what you'd get with any other brewing method. I've been using a Guatemalan coffee, light roasted, with a strong fruit taste. Cold brewing brings out that flavor in a nice, clean fashion. Worth trying, if you get the chance.

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