Friday night topic: Working weird

The rise of the Internet, the ubiquity of high-speed access, and the fact that I run a website have all combined to make my day-to-day life incredibly . . . strange.

Although the business runs well and I remain constantly connected to the rest of the TR staff, I essentially work at home. I have no commute, and the only co-worker I see in person with regularity is my wife, who keeps the books. When I'm in crunch mode on a big review, I may hardly emerge from the house for days on end. I have no dress code, no specific set of work hours, and I define my own path to success from day to day. I know in many ways this is a privileged lifestyle, and if anything, the lack of structure has caused me to put in more time, not less, than the typical 40-hour work week.

There's no escaping this fact, though: compared to my parents' generation, or even to my own early career life, this arrangement is outright bizarre. I never really envisioned a work life quite like this one, and I sometimes wonder what my neighbors think when they see me, yet again, going for a walk in a T-shirt and shorts in the middle of the day. Heck, my kids have no real concept of a dad who works outside of the home.

I mean, weird, man.

The question, and tonight's topic, is how the rise of the 'net, mobile technology, and consequently changing social attitudes have affected your own work and life. Are any aspects of your experience similar to my own? Do you work in a very traditional office environment? Or does your own work arrangement involve something else entirely? Do you consider the additional flexibility afforded by technology a generally positive thing, or not?


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