Monday Shortbread

7 Up

  1. The NY Times: Valve a video game maker with few rules
  2. Neowin shares rumor: Microsoft has split Windows group into two teams?
  3. X-bit labs: Intel's advanced manufacturing processes to help it to fight ARM - analyst
  4. TechCrunch: Amazon Kindle HD will allow users to opt-out of "special offers" for $15
  5. SonyAlphaRumors: No NEX Pro camera. There will be a Sony RX1
    Full Frame fixed lens camera instead (pictures leaked) and first Sony
    A99 image leak (via xitek)
  6. ZDNet: Five things desktop Linux has to do to beat Windows 8
  7. Neowin: New Apache patch overrides IE 10's Do Not Track setting


  1. Google has acquired VirusTotal
  2. NewScientist: FBI launches $1 billion face recognition project
  3. Win a 3-month subscription to hp Play from Tbreak
  4. Dealzon's deals: $550 coupon for 15.6" Lenovo Y580 i7-3610QM / 1080p,
    $30 coupon for 15.6" Dell XPS 15z i5-2450M, $250 off 15.6" Asus X54
    i3-2330M, and $30 coupon for 13" Dell 13z i3-2367M

  1. The Sony Blog: Tearing open the new Xperia Tablet S just in time for shipping
  2. Neowin reviews Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  3. WSJ reports new iPhone to support LTE
  4. WPCentral: Windows Phone 7.8 more than a new Start
    screen? Microsoft solicits user requests for new update.
  5. VR-Zone: Sony doesn't want to commit to Windows Phone 8 yet
  6. TechCrunch: Amazon's Silk browser now tracking user
    behavior for new "Trending Now" section... wait, what?
Software and gaming

  1. Linux on the desktop: New opportunities - The Linux Works
  2. TechCrunch: Spotify will launch a browser-based version
  3.'s CS:GO review
  4. TweakTown reviews Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC)
  5. KitGuru's Transformers: Fall of Cybertron review (PS3)

  1. Tbreak reviews hp Envy 14 Spectre
  2. Tech ARP's BIOS option of the week - Frame buffer size
  3. Rbmods on MSI GeForce GTX 670 Power Edition
  4. TestFreaks review Hydra 3×1 HDMI cable switch
  5. Hardware Heaven reviews SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 gaming headset
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