Recordable DVDs get sexier

Recordable DVDs have yet to make a big splash (despite being bundled with Macs, go figure), but a shift in focus might just change all that according to C|Net.
Prices of recordable DVD products remain high, but there's no lack of effort among companies to grab a foothold in the market. Both Panasonic and Hewlett-Packard announced Monday that their upcoming DVD-related products will be bundled with digital video authoring software, allowing consumers to record and store video on discs.

"Copying music was one of the reasons that CD-R took off," Gartner analyst Mary Craig said of CD-recordable technology. "And now DVD manufacturers are hoping that copying video will have the same effect. Backup and data storage just didn't do it for DVD, so manufacturers are looking to consumer applications to fuel better acceptance."

While it's unfortunate that prices aren't dropping, something that would surely speed uptake, at least you'll be getting more for the cool $1000 the drives are going to cost.
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