Dishonored video sheds insight on visual style

I've been looking forward to Arkane Studios' Dishonored ever since Geoff wrote up that first trailer back in April. News of Arkane's commitment to PC development, not to mention the PC release's plentiful customization options, only whetted my apetite further. But really, what's fascinated me most is Dishonored's unique visual style—the dusky streets with blended architectural styles, the strange machinery, and the quasi-Victorian costumes.

As luck would have it, Arkane has put up a new "developer documentary" video addressing that particular aspect of the game. It's nearly 11 minutes long and includes plenty of game footage, some concept art, and pretty interesting insight into the creative process going on behind the scenes. Check it out:

I didn't realize Arkane had a bona-fide industrial designer working on the game. I suppose it's no wonder, though. From what little I've seen, Dishonored's game world isn't just unique and intriguing. It also has a certain plausibility—an internal consistency—that makes the environment seem all the more genuine.

Dishonored is due out on October 9 for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. And I can't wait.

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