Memory prices were still on the decline last month

Well, I guess you don't need to worry about finding cheap RAM for your next upgrade. According to DRAMeXchange findings quoted by DigiTimes, contract prices for DRAM inched downward in the second half of last month due to "weak PC sales."

The research firm has reportedly found that average contract pricing for 4GB DDR3 memory modules slipped to $18, while 2GB modules slid down to $10.25 over the same time period. That means slapping together 4GB and 8GB kits should only cost PC makers about $20.50 and $36, respectively, which is awfully cheap. Remember, a look at our past system guides shows 4GB kits were priced in the neighborhood of $40 just last summer.

Today, a quick peek at Newegg shows the cheapest 8GB DDR3-1600 memory kit retailing for $36.99 with free shipping. The most affordable 4GB DDR3-1600 bundles are available for $24.99, also with shipping covered free of charge.

DigiTimes quotes DRAMeXchange as saying DRAM makers are using diversification to "mitigate the adverse impact" of falling prices. Major manufacturers are reportedly allocating more of their production capacity to server and mobile memory. Nanya Technology, for one, plans to re-focus onto "specialty DRAM and other niche-market memory chips." However, smaller memory makers are reportedly being hit harder and forced to "brace for further losses."

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